I help businesses get more customers with search engine optimization.

Are your lousy competitors showing up above you on Google?

My name is Mike Wiseman and I am a Toronto SEO consultant that helps business owners get more customers while reducing advertising costs with SEO.

If you’re interested in ranking above your competitors and reducing marketing costs then click one of the buttons below.

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SEO Audits

Analyze your website for quick fixes

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Keyword Research

Identify keywords that ensure the highest ROI

Technical SEO

Advanced SEO that will leave your competitors clueless

On-site Optimization

Better optimizations than your competitors

Link Building

White-hat outreach & link building to rank faster

Why use my Toronto SEO services?

Grow your business faster than your competition

It doesn’t matter if your business has been around a long time or not – if your competition shows up above you on Google they will get customers faster, and cheaper than you.

With my Toronto SEO services your website will rank above your competition in order to acquire customers that are looking for your services.

SEO Toronto
Toronto SEO Services

Reduce your marketing expenses

Most businesses spend thousands of dollars to market their website on Google because they don’t get organic (free) traffic to their website.

To combat this, I will find the best keywords to target that qualified customers use to find your services.

Businesses are able to stop PPC advertising within 8-12 months.

Stop spending thousands of dollars with Google & other advertising platforms. Invest in Toronto SEO for the long term.

Get more sales-qualified leads

Any lousy Toronto SEO company can increase organic traffic and keyword rankings to your website.

But very few Toronto SEO companies can get you the sales-qualified leads that you are looking for. That’s why I don’t offer generic SEO packages.

I offer boutique SEO services that quickly target qualified customers who are ready to buy.

Toronto SEO Company

Work with a Toronto SEO Consultant

Are you interested in ranking above your competition but don’t want to commit to paying an expensive monthly retainer?

Or maybe you are already working with a Toronto SEO agency but the results are not fast enough to provide a positive ROI.

Either way, I teach business owners how to get more customers while reducing advertising costs with my SEO course.

If you’re tired of lousy competitors showing up above you on Google and you don’t want to commit to expensive monthly retainers then click the button below.

Toronto SEO Consultant
Do you want to rank #1 on Google?

Get help implementing or managing your SEO strategy from Toronto’s leading SEO consultant.

Entire SEO Strategy mapped out & executed within 15 days.

Communicate directly with the SEO expert in charge of your campaign.

Guaranteed service levels mean no surprise costs after work starts, and compensation for misses.

No surprise up sells or cross sells, this is strictly SEO.

Make today the last day your inferior competitors outrank your business, and work with a SEO Expert based down the street from you in Toronto.

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