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Do you provide superior services in comparison to your competitors? Are you tired of watching them outrank your business on Google and get your potential customers?

My name is Mike Wiseman and I am a Toronto SEO Expert that helps service providers become the #1 provider in their industry and consistently get new clients with SEO.

If you are interested in consistently getting new customers and beating your competitors on Google within 6-9 months (without hiring a marketing agency, paying for advertising, or paying ongoing monthly retainers), then click the button below to learn more.

The Leading Toronto SEO Expert

SEO Audits

Analyzing your website’s health for optimal performance in search engines.

Local SEO

Keyword research & services to promote your products, services or solutions locally

Keyword Research

Identifying words & phrases that customers use to find solutions on search engines

Technical SEO

Advanced website & server optimizations that help indexation & crawlability

On-site Optimization

Optimizing page elements in order to rank in search engines for target keywords

Link Building

White-hat outreach & link building to increase authority & traffic

SEO Toronto is the process of editing & analyzing a website with the purpose of positioning the website higher on Google and other search engines. SEO in Toronto is an important digital marketing strategy that successful businesses use to grow their business and succeed. At the very least, every business should be doing SEO to avoid falling behind and being overtaken your competition. Below is more information about our Toronto SEO Services.


Top Rated Toronto SEO Company


The main target of our marketing strategy for your business is to increase sales. Toronto SEO will drive more qualified traffic to your website than any other offline or online marketing channel. If your business’s website traffic is increased then leads & sales will also increase. If your website is not driving leads every day then your website is not optimized to be shown to your target audience and is most likely having technical issues.

How do I increase qualified traffic to my business’s website?

The more brand awareness (free advertising on Google) your website has, the more qualified traffic your website will receive. Website traffic ties the knot between brand awareness and sales for your business. The more clicks from qualified users you get to your website, the more sales your business will receive. Increasing your business’s brand awareness with the purpose of driving sales will be the goal of the best SEO company in Toronto.

Brand awareness increases trust & authority

Search engines such as Google like to provide the best search results to their users. That is why Google tends to show websites that have been around longer, websites that have strong branding, and websites that have authority in their space. When your website appears at the top of Google it is because your business has earned it over time. We have reverse engineered this formula into a proven strategy that will push your website to the top of Google and keep it there.

Our Toronto SEO Services are Sophisticated Yet Simple

If you can find the right Toronto SEO marketing team to work with, SEO is the most cost-effective and affordable way of increasing your business sales. As a Toronto SEO Expert, I will ensure that your business has the right SEO package to overtake your competitors without spending money on unnecessary fluff. Our Toronto SEO services entail absolute everything your business needs to increase sales while leaving out the rest.

Our SEO continues to work long after you stop paying for it

With local SEO Toronto, results are permanent even long after you have stopped paying for the service. It’s common for a digital marketing agency and internet marketers to offer PPC & social media advertising, however, these channels dry up immediately the moment you stop paying. Search engine optimization is the complete opposite, SEO continues to improve over time well after you stop paying for it.

SEO is working for you 24/7 365 days a year

Search Engine Optimization is a 24 hour dedicated marketing tool. It drives traffic and leads even when your not working. Our Toronto SEO consulting services include strategy and execution of the right Toronto SEO package that will attract new customers around the clock 365 days a year. Wit the help of the SEO specialists at our seo company, your website will work for you like you have never seen it before.


Work with the #1 Toronto SEO Expert


When it comes to search engine optimization, it is all about outranking your competitors and emerging as the top result. If your inferior competitors are showing up above you on Google then it worth hiring a Toronto SEO Specialist. This will help your business become the to go to brand in your industry and allow you to provide your superior services or products to as many customers as possible.

SEO helps qualified buyers find you when they are ready to buy

The ability to be found by a qualified buyer that does not already know who you are is crucial to the long term success of your business. The ultimate goal of Toronto SEO agency is to make sure that people can find your business when they are looking for your product or service. A Toronto SEO consultant will come up with the SEO marketing strategy that will help qualified buyers find your business. When our Toronto SEO firm implements an effective SEO process it makes it easy for your business to be found. Your website will generate more leads and sales for your business then ever before.

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