I help businesses get more customers with search engine optimization (SEO) services.

Are you looking for SEO services from someone that will take the time to understand your business and confidently direct your SEO strategy?

My name is Mike Wiseman and I am a SEO services consultant that specializes in SEO strategy, technical SEO & link building.

If you require attention to detail then you are in the right place and I encourage you to book a strategy session below.

SEO services

SEO Services

SEO Audits

Analyze your website for quick fixes & immediate results

Local SEO

Keyword Research

Identify keywords that ensure the highest ROI

Technical SEO

Advanced SEO that will leave your competitors clueless

On-site Optimization

Better optimizations than your competitors

Link Building

White-hat outreach & link building to rank faster

Technical SEO Services

It’s not necessary to have a technical SEO consultant as your SEO services provider, until it is.

No longer fear the unkown, a technical seo consultant will have the experience and technical knowledge to plan for & resolve technical SEO errors that often balloon out of control.

Website architecture, keyword mapping, internal linking, structured data, and page speed optimization are just some of the tools I have in my arsenal.




technical SEO consulting
B2B SEO consultant

B2B SEO Services

The buying process in your industry is unique. Multiple decision makers, longer sales cycles, high ticket sales…

The B2B SEO & lead nurturing should be tailored to the unique buyer persona(s), and buying process.

Working with a B2B SEO services consultant will be a breath of fresh air, if they take the time to truly understand your business.

Enterprise SEO Services

Enterprise SEO… large websites with an array of technical issues, but massive potential for explosive growth.

An enterprise SEO consultant will understand the inherit struggles… International targeting, multiple languages, website architecture, internal buy-offs & delays, red tape.

However, an experienced consultant providing your enterprise SEO services will make navigating the above look easy, and be able to make small strategic fixes that result in unheard of growth.

Leadership will be impressed.


Enterprise SEO consultant
link building services

Link Building Services

Becoming the go to website in your industry doesn’t happen overnight, especially if you are not working with a link building consultant.

Ramp up traffic and leads to your website with link building services.

Work with a link building SEO services provider to get your business featured in industry publications, and increase your website’s authority faster than your competition.


Expert SEO Services

Your business is unique, the SEO services should be as well. 

Be confident in a proven strategy with the right expert, the first time around.

Communicate directly the SEO services consultant rathar than a personable account manager juggling 20 clients.

Guaranteed service levels mean no surprise costs after work starts, and compensation for misses.

No surprise up sells, this is strictly SEO.

Make today the last day that your lousy competitors outrank your business, and use SEO services that can take your business to the next level.

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