I am a SEO Consultant who helps businesses

Rank #1 on Google,

Get Sales-Qualified Leads – Consistently,

And Become the “Go To” Company, Appearing Larger Than Lousy Competitors.
Mike Wiseman’s proven SEO formula skyrockets businesses to the top of Google fast without paying for Google or Facebook Ads… and is backed by guarenteed results with over 200+ successful campaigns 👌
Kitchener SEO Expert

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Appear "Organically" on Google

Ranking organically eliminates the need to spend thousands of dollars on Google Ads.

Get Results, Guaranteed.

My SEO services get results fast, guaranteed.

Join over 200+ Businesses

Have your company be my next SEO success story.

Recent Client Results

The screenshot below shows the growth of a client who (before working with me) had no visibility online and was struggling to get more business. After working with me they now struggle to manage the influx of leads.

SEO Results

55,000% increase in (free) Google traffic in 18 months

Work with a Kitchener-Waterloo SEO Consultant

Your business, leadership team, or investors are depending on you to pick the right person for the job.

The thing with SEO is you have 1 shot to get it right.

Once your business enters the game, the shot clock starts counting down. Your website must appear on top of page 1 before it turns out to be a sunk cost. And your peers are keeping score.

SEO is a zero-sum game, and there are no participation trophies.

This is why it’s so important to work with an SEO Expert.

When you work with a digital marketing agency or SEO company, your business gets tossed to the intern or junior hire.

If you’re lucky, or you’re paying a lot, you will be assigned a friendly “digital marketing strategist” or “account manager” whose job is to schmooze you. They will punt your business to the assembly line (or sweatshop) and go about their day putting out fires, handling customer support, and upselling for commision.

SEO Consultant

June 2018 - June 2019

Before SEO services

June 2019 - June 2020

After SEO services company

Here’s the deal…

I won’t be schmoozing you on calls.

I work directly (1 on 1) with business owners, directors of operations, and marketing directors to do everything in my power to make their business go through a quantum leap.

To the left are screenshots of the Google Analytics of a B2B company that operates within an industry where leads are so seldom, and competition is so fierce that it is common practice to acquire a company rather than grow one.

When they came to me in June 2019, their website was an expensive yet deserted business card. As of June 2020, after 1 year of working with me, I have generated over 400 leads resulting in multiple 6 figures of closed deals.

Could your business use an extra 30-40 leads a month?

If you’re tired of lousy competitors showing up above you on Google, you want to dominate your industry, and you want to take your business to the next level then schedule a complimentary consultation with me. You can pick my brain for 30 minutes, feel free to ask me any question.

Schedule a complimentary 30 minute strategy session

Learn more about SEO & your website than ever before.

Pick my brain, ask any question.

The best SEO in Kitchener-Waterloo 🏆

Kitchener SEO Services

Kitchener-Waterloo SEO Services Company

SEO Audits

Analyze your website for quick fixes & immediate results

Local SEO

Keyword Research

Identify keywords that ensure the highest ROI

Technical SEO

Advanced SEO that will leave your competitors clueless

On-site Optimization

Better optimizations than your competitors

Link Building

White-hat outreach & link building to rank faster

Why use my Kitchener SEO services?

Grow your business faster than your competition

It doesn’t matter if your business is new or old – if your competition outranks you on Google they are able to acquire customers faster, and cheaper than you.

With my Kitchener & Waterloo SEO services you will be in position to acquire potential customers that your competition is fighting for.


Reduce advertising costs over time

Most of the time, you’re spending thousands of dollars to advertising platforms like Google because you don’t have traffic coming to your website.

I’ll research the best keywords that your potential customers are using to find your products or services.

Most businesses are able to completely stop PPC advertising within 8-12 months.

Stop giving your money to Google & other advertising platforms. Invest in Kitchener SEO services for the long term.

Get more sales-qualified leads

Any Kitchener SEO company can improve your website’s keyword rankings and traffic.

But very few can deliver the right kind of leads. That’s why I don’t just increase traffic to your website.

I rank your site for keywords that bring in qualified, revenue-generating leads.

Schedule a complimentary 30 minute strategy session

Learn more about SEO & your website than ever before.

Pick my brain, ask any question.