Mike Wiseman’s SEO consulting evolution

Hi, I’m Mike Wiseman, and I’d like to share a bit of my story with you. 

Growing up I was obsessed with computers and building things.

In 2001 I built my first computer. Shortly after I started to build websites. I would spend every hour I could learning new things about websites and the internet.

To help pay for software, and server costs I started selling website hosting, domain names, and flipping some of my websites through internet forums.

Although I enjoyed this, I was not satisfied.

I wanted to build, grow, and monetize websites without having to sell them.


My first epiphany

In 2003 Google released Google Adsense, a program that would pay you to display advertisements on your websites. This is when everything changed for me.

Instead of having to sell my projects, I could now focus on building them up, but first I had to get traffic to my websites.

Fast forward a short while later, I was leveraging Google’s search engine to drive traffic to my websites and monetize the traffic via Google Adsense. By this point Google was sending cheques to my parents house every month, i was just a kid…

Back then I did not know that SEO was a thing, there were no courses, consultants or anything like that that I was aware of. I had to learn by trial and error. I actually did not hear about SEO until many years later.


A rocky start to my SEO career

I decided to start my career in the marketing industry, I took on a job at a digital marketing agency. It was a nightmare.

I was managing 40 clients by myself without access to the right tools, or resources to do the job. 

To put this into perspective…

A client paying thousands of dollars per month would receive 1 hour of work per week if they were lucky.

This is why digital marketing/SEO agencies have received such a bad reputation, and rightfully so. It was at this point I lost hope & earned a distrust for marketing/SEO agencies.


Moving forward…

Over the years I had bounced around started picking up my own clients. For the next few years I specialized in SEO for B2B, Technology, Enterprise companies.

During this time I managed very large SEO campaigns, worked within competitive industries, managed niche clients, and got a lot of experience in lead generation & nurturing for high ticket sales.

All the while I began networking with the industries top SEO’s, building proprietary tools, teaching, building teams and achieved amazing results for my clients, even beyond what I thought was possible.

There were even multiple situations where the same companies were acquired 2-3 times during the years that I worked with them due to the growth of their business.

SEO Services & Consulting

Along the way while achieving many different milestones in SEO, businesses and marketing agencies naturally started to approach me to hire me as a consultant.

I started consulting with business owners, directors of operations, directors of marketing, and even other SEOs to help generate more sales for their company and dominate their industry online.

At this point I realized it was time focus on SEO consulting for my own clients.


To be continued…

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